Amazingly Cute 12yo Girl Yuri Takase Rides on Teddy
Yuri Takase
Brithday 11th Nov, 1996, born in Tokyo Japan. 2008 Yuri made her debut in 12yo, unfortunately she faded away 2010 in her 14. During this 2 years she released around 15 DVD and photo shootings. I'm really sorry for her early retirement I believe she should be a big star because Yuri is so kawaii 12yo girl.
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Riko Kawanishi 8yo Lil Girl in Red Bikini Part 1
Riko Kawanishi
Know as nickname 'Rikotam'. 9yo Japanese Junior Idol girl and actress. Birthday December 9, 1996. Born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Riko made her debut as a Junior idol by DVD 'First Sea' in 2006 (9yo). A part of photo gallery in 2006, 25 pics out of 50 in red bikini outfit. Around 1900 pcs will be posted out there in this blog.
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Mayumi Yamanaka 12yo Beach Panic On The Beach
Nanako Niimi (Nanako Yamashita)
Born in 1993/8/21 in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Japanese Junior Idol girl and actress. Nanako made her debut as a junior idol in 2007 appears in the Chu-Boh Magazine. The Chu-Boh which means Junior High-school student so she was already 13yo at that time. A bit late debut compared to the other lil girls. The photo gallery st2_etude_m_niimi02 from, 23pics in leotard outfit.
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